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dc chol


DC-CHOL is an effective steroid-based transfection agent and lipid formulation reagent. It is primarily employed in the preparation of various carriers, including microbubbles for contrast ultrasound imaging, liposomes, and precursor liposome precursors for liposomal glutathione (L-GSH).


Product nameDC-CHOL
Chemical name3β- [N- (N, N-dimethylaminoethane) carbamoyl] cholesterol hydrochloride
Molecular formulaC32H57N2O2Cl
CAS No.166023-21-8
CDE Record registration Number
FDA DMF Number
Quality standards

Sufficient supply, cost-effective
DescriptionWhite or almost white powder
ApplicationsCationic lipid microbubble ultrasonic contrast agent
Product CodeO02003
Available Package Sizes

Key Benefits of DC-CHOL

Compared to other cationic lipids such as DOTMA or DOTAP, liposomes prepared from DC-Chol and DOPE (at a ratio of 1:1, molar/molar) exhibit only 50% of nanoparticles carrying charge at pH 7. This renders DC-Chol/DOPE liposomes more prone to dissociation compared to DOTAP/DOPE and DOTAM/DOPE liposomes, demonstrating faster mRNA delivery and enhanced cellular transfection efficiency.

DC-CHOL Product Properties

DC-CHOL is a derivative of cholesterol, synthesized through a chemical reaction between dimethylamine and cholesterol. The aminoethylglycine ester formed during its synthesis possesses degradability. It is a commonly used cationic lipid for preparing lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), providing LNPs with positive charge and stabilizing their membrane structure.

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