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Liposome particles prepared with DOPG carry a negative charge, allowing them to deliver anticancer drugs across cell membranes and even nuclear membranes into cancer cells. This makes them more effective at killing cancer cells, which is crucial for tumor treatment. The studies indicate that DOPG can respond to heat shock protein B4 (HSPB4) to activate Toll-like Receptor 2 (TLR2), thereby inhibiting macrophages from releasing inflammatory mediators. 


Chemical name1, 2-dioleoyl-sn-glycero-3-phospho-(1'-rac-glycerol)
Molecular formulaC42H79O10P
CAS number62700-69-0
ManufacturerAVT (Shanghai) Pharmaceutical Tech Co., Ltd. / A.V.T.
Gradereagent grade
NMPA registration numberN/A
DMF numberN/A
EINECS numberN/A
Descriptionoff-white solid
Purity≥98.0% (see the CoA for all test items)
Molecular weight775.04
Phase transition temperatureunknown

Advantages of DOPG

  • Liposome: DOPG (sodium salt) is one of the important components in the preparation of liposomes. Liposome is a kind of artificially prepared microcapsule, which is often used as a carrier for drug delivery.

  • Study on membrane protein: DOPG (sodium salt) can be used to study the structure and function of membrane protein. It can interact with membrane proteins and mimic the properties of cell membranes.

  • Biosurfactant: DOPG (sodium salt) can also be used as a biosurfactant, such as emulsification, stabilization, and adjustment of solution properties.

DOPG Product Properties

Solubility: DOPG (sodium salt) can be dissolved in water to generate negatively charged molecules.

Composition: The molecule of DOPG (sodium salt) consists of two oleic acid acyl groups and phosphoric acid groups connected to the glycerol skeleton, and the sodium ion is combined with phosphate to form a salt.

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