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Fat Emulsion Excipients

Fat Emulsion Excipients

In the field of medicine, fat emulsion injections like clevidipine lipid emulsion are frequently used as a submicroemulsion injection with lipid microspheres serving as the drug carrier. Meanwhile, egg yolks are a known source of lecithin, a phospholipid that is often utilized in the production of lipid emulsion injections like clevidipine.

EmulsionEgg Yolk
Lecithin PL-100M
Egg Yolk
Lecithin PC-98T
Soy Lecithin
Soy Lecithin
Soy Lecithin
Soy Lecithin
Co-emulsifierEgg Phosphatid
ylglycerol EPG
Oleic AcidSodium Oleate

Fat Emulsion Excipients For Sale

Fat Emulsion Excipients Benefits

Fat Emulsion Excipients Benefits

1. Intralipid emulsion of fat excipent egg yolk lecithin is used as emulsifier in nutritional and therapeutic injectable lipid emulsions (intralipid emulsion therapy), presenting excellent emulsifying properties and ability to enhance the emulsion stablity.

2. The egg yolk lecithin is soluble in soybean oil at 60°C, which is easy to process in preparation.

3. The egg yolk lecithin keeps the emulsion in a relatively stable particle size and pH, and prolongs the validity period of the emulsion.

4. Oleic acid can be used as co-emulsifier in lipid emulsions to improve the emulsification of lipids effect and enhance the stability of the emulsion.


Fat Emulsion Excipients Uses


Fat emulsion injection excipents egg yolk lecithin is the only emulsifier with better safety profile and it can be used for emulsion parenteral. Its emulsification efficacy is a critical determining factor to the quality of lipid emulsions.


Fat emulsion uses oleic acid  as co-emulsifier in lipid emulsions to improve the emulsification effect and enhance the stability of the emulsion. 

Selection Of Fat Emulsion Excipients

Selection Of Fat Emulsion Excipients

  • Utilize excipients approved for parenteral use.

  • Select as less types and volumes of excipients as possible in injections,

    like intralipid 20% 100ml or intralipid 10% 500ml, while meeting the requirement.

  • Utilize excipients which are commonly used in injections as much as possible,

    for example, the clevidipine lipid emulsion excipient.

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