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egg yolk lecithin emulsifier
93685 90 6

Egg yolk lecithin PL-100M

Emulsification efficacy of  lecithin from egg yolk cas no.:93685 90 6 is a critical factor to the quality of lipid emulsions. Better emulsification ability is an important basis for selecting egg yolk lecithin emulsifier in the development of lipid emulsions.


Egg yolk lecithin benefits are as followed.

  • Egg yolk lecithin granules is used as emulsifier in nutritional and therapeutic injectable lipid emulsions, presenting excellent emulsifying properties and ablity to enhance the emulsion stablity.

  • The egg yolk lecithin emulsifier is soluble in soybean oil at 60°C, which is easy to process in preparation.

  • The organic egg yolk lecithin keeps the emulsion in a relatively stable particle size and pH, and prolongs the validity period of the emulsion. This makes organic egg yolk lecithin an ideal emulsifier for use in various food and beverage products.

  • Egg yolk lecithin emulsifier helps your body digest fats and cholesterol. It also provides nutrients that help to keep the liver healthy. In addition, lecithin in eggs has been shown to reduce high cholesterol levels in many people. These all fully demonstrate egg yolk lecithin health benefits.

In conclusion, the benefits of egg yolk lecithin cas no.:93685 90 6 are numerous, making the compound a valuable ingredient in various industries. Its effectiveness as an egg yolk lecithin emulsifier, stability, and natural origin makes it a vital component of many high-performing products, and as such, the demand for organic egg yolk lecithin will likely continue to grow in the future.


Is lecithin in egg yolk or white and how much lecithin is in an egg ? What is the lecithin content of egg yolk? The amount of lecithin content in egg yolk depends on the type of egg and the size of the yolk. The average large egg contains about half a gram of lecithin, which is roughly three thousand micrograms.

Is lecithin in egg yolk or white? The answer is that it is primarily found in the egg yolk. In fact, the lecithin content in an egg yolk can up to 98%. It is a fatty phospholipid and is manufactured using oil and soybeans. Extraction of lecithin from egg yolk works as an emulsifier and helps other ingredients mix together evenly in your food.

Lecithin consists primarily of phospholipids and glycolipids, two types of lipids that are both important constituents of cell membranes. These molecules play crucial roles: they regulate membrane permeability (how easily substances can pass through) while also stabilizing internal fluidity within cell membranes so they stay intact during normal metabolic processes.

If you're wondering how much lecithin in eggs, it's interesting to know that egg yolks are a rich source of this phospholipid. Alongside approximately 300 milligrams of cholesterol - which accounts for roughly 100 percent of the recommended daily intake- the lecithin content in egg yolk is high. As a result, cholesterol and lecithin isolation from egg yolk is common in modern pharmaceuticals.

Egg Yolk Lecithin Product Properties

Egg yolk lecithin is the only emulsifier with better safety profile.

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