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Cholesterol (For Liposomes)

Cholesterol (For Liposomes)

AVT's high-purity liposome cholesterol CHO HP is obtained from lanolin after extraction, hydrogenation, and refining. The final purity can reach 99% at least. It is the specific parenteral excipient for liposomes.


Cholesterol HP Cas No.: 57-88-5

Cholesterol HP Cas No.: 57-88-5

1. Trade name: CHO-HP; 2. Name: Cholesterol (for injection); 3. Chemical name: Cholest-5-en-3β-ol; 4. Molecular formula: C27H46O; 5. CAS number: 57-88-5; 6. DMF number: 024780; 7. EINECS number: 200-353-2; 8. CDE registration number: F20170000106; 9. Grade: pharmaceutical injectable grade; 10. Quality standards: USP, EP, CP; 11. Cholesterol is added in liposomal formulation mixture for following purpose (Usages): liposome membrane material, emulsifier; 12. Solubility: easily soluble in methanol, ethanol and chloroform, insoluble in water; 13. Molecular weight: 386.7; 14. Storage conditions: Room temperature; 15. Precautions: avoid strong acid, strong alkali and strong oxidizing substances.
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Role Of Cholesterol In Liposomes


CHO HP is the specific parenteral excipient for liposomes.


It can enhance the stability of liposome membranes and reduce drug leakage.


It can also improve the ability of liposome vesicles to resist changes in external conditions.

How do Cholesterol (For Liposomes) Work?

How do Cholesterol (For Liposomes) Work?

1. Cholesterol hp is a high-purity parenteral pharmaceutical excipient produced in accordance with GMP guidelines. US DMF number is 024780, NMPA registration number is F20170000106.

2 Different from the animal tissue extraction method commonly used in domestic to produce cholesterol, CHO HP is made from lanolin with semi-synthetic method.

3. The product purity is high (NLT 99%), and there will be no virus contamination of animal tissues. It has been used in multiple marketed liposome products internationally for a long time.

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