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trehalose dihydrate for injection sterile

Trehalose Dihydrate (for injection) (sterile)

As a very stable non-reducing disaccharide, trehalose dihydrate has a magical protective effect on organisms. Trehalose dihydrate forms a unique protective film on the cell surface under harsh environmental conditions such as high temperature, severely cold, high osmotic pressure and watering losing on drying, which can effectively protect protein molecules from invariance, thus maintaining the biological process of organisms.

NMPA CDE registration no.: F20190000452

USFDA DMF no.: 034401


Product nameTrehalose Dihydrate (for injection) (sterile)
Chemical name
Molecular formula
CAS No.6138-23-4
CDE Record registration NumberF20190000452
FDA DMF Number034401
Gradeinjection Grade
Quality standardsConforms with USP, EP, JP, ChP standards

Sufficient supply, cost-effective
ApplicationsBiological products, liposomes, vaccines, CAR-T, stem cells, diagnostic reagents, etc.
Molecular weight
Product CodeO08001
Available Package Sizes10kg

Key Benefits of Trehalose Dihydrate (for injection) (sterile)

It is a commonly used cryoprotectant and an effective lyoprotectant providing maximum protective potency;

Trehalose dihydrate is a non-reducing sugar with higher glass transition temperature and lower hygroscopicity, so it has a wider prospect for application.

Manufactured aseptically in a GMP environment, ultra-low endotoxin (< 0.1 IU/g);

It complies with ChP, USP, JP and EP.

Trehalose Dihydrate (for injection) (sterile) Product Properties

Trehalose dihydrate, one of the most commonly used non-osmotic protectants in cryopreservation, can increase the solute concentration of extracellular solution, which not only can form hypertonicity outside cells, reduces intracellular ice formation, but also has a high glass transition temperature facilitating the transition to a glassy state. On the one hand, the damage of low temperature to cell membrane proteins and lipids is ruled out; on the other hand, the protein molecules of cell membrane are supported and wrapped to prevent deformation, inhibit membrane fusion, and reduce membrane permeability.

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