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Biopharmaceutical Excipients

Biopharmaceutical Excipients

Biopharmaceutical Excipients Benefits

Biopharmaceutical Excipients Benefits
  • Trehalose has stronger hydration ability, higher glass transition temperature, and resistance to high temperature and humidity.

  • Excipients used in biologics can effectively improve the quality and manufacturing efficiency of biological products.

  • Improve the stability of pharmaceutical products.

  • Improve the stability of protein.


Biopharmaceutical Excipients Applications

Bio-Product Cryoprotectants

Cryoprotectant for freezing process, dehydration protector for drying process.

Blood Product Protective Agent

Can significantly prolong the preservation time of plasma and blood cells, stabilize and protect blood protein.

Eye Drops

Stabilize protein API, protective agent, stabilize tear film.

Medical Devices

Trehalose Function: Prevent drying, promote wound healing, and have been widely used in marketed products such as skin barrier repair dressings, diagnostic reagents.

Regulation Of Osmotic Pressure

As an osmotic pressure regulator, sucrose is more effective than mannitol and glucose.

Bulking Agent

As an energy source for cell growth and glycosylation control.

Monoclonal Antibody Injection Protein Protectant

Stabilize and protect antibody protein.

Biopharmaceutical Excipients Requirements For Use In Injection

Biopharmaceutical Excipients Requirements For Use In Injection

1. Avoid excipients to interfere the performance of active drug substance.

2. Ensure the safety of application of the excipients.

3. Excipients should meet the requirements of injectable grade.

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