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DPPS is an anionic diacylphospholipid that is a lipid component in cell membranes, and can be used to prepare anionic vesicles and liposomes. 


Chemical name1,2-Dipalmitoyl-sn-glycero-3-phospho-L-serine (sodium salt)
Molecular formulaC38H73NO10PNa
CAS number145849-32-7
ManufacturerAVT (Shanghai) Pharmaceutical Tech Co., Ltd. / A.V.T.
Gradereagent grade
NMPA registration numberN/A
DMF numberN/A
EINECS numberN/A
Descriptionwhite powder
Molecular weight757.950
Phase transition temperatureunknown

Advantages of DPPS

  • Cellular signal transduction: DPPS plays a significant role in cellular signal transduction, particularly in signal transmission processes in cell apoptosis, cell cycle regulation, and cell proliferation. 

  • Liposome research: As one of the critical components of liposomes, DPPS can be used to construct liposomes and is also used in drug delivery and bioimaging. 

  • Biomembrane simulation: DPPS can be used to simulate biomembrane and explore the effects of negatively charged phospholipids on the cell membrane and the interactions between proteins and cell membranes. 

  • Drug delivery systems: Liposomes and nanoparticles based on DPPS can be used to build drug delivery systems, enhancing drug stability, controlling release, and improving targeting. 

DPPS Product Properties

Solubility: freely soluble in water.

Biocompatibility: DPPS has good biocompatibility in organisms and can be used in biomedical applications.

Charge characteristics: Due to its negative charge, DPPS plays a vital role in the balance and interaction of charges within and outside the cell. 

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