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soy lecithin cs 80

Soy Lecithin CS-80

Plant origin emulsifier soy lecithin is extracted from soybeans. It is a natural surfactant and can improve the water dispersion and oral bioavailability of drugs when used as a pharmaceutical excipient.

AVT provides Soy Lecithin CS-70, Soy Lecithin CS-80, Soy Lecithin CS-95 and Soy Lecithin CS-98 with different content of phosphatidylcholine from 70% to 98%.


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Soy Lecithin CS-80

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Applications and examples

Liposome, fat emulsion preparation

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Key Benefits of Soy Lecithin CS-80

1. Phase transition temperature of soy lecithin is proper for research.

2. The tests using soybean lecithin to prepare liposomes have less stricter requirements on laboratory equipment and parameter.

3. Compared with other more rigid lipids, soybean lecithin can help know well the relevant process and equipment faster at a lower cost when you initiate the liposome project.

Soy Lecithin CS-80 Product Properties

Soy lecithin has always been a very common phospholipid appeared in university research articles. Especially the specification with phosphatidylcholine content of about 95% is a frequent lecithin mentioned in various SCI papers. Soy lecithin is mainly used to carry out research on targeting drug delivery using liposome as drug carrier.

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