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DMPE is primarily used to prepare liposomes that can deliver active molecules, making it applicable for biological research and medical applications. As one of the main components of the cell membrane, DMPE plays a crucial role in the transport of substances within and outside of cells, as well as in signal transmission. It is also involved in fat metabolism and energy metabolism, and plays a key role in the maintenance and regulation of normal cell function. 


Chemical name1,2-Ditetradecyl-rac-glycero-3-phosphoethanolamine
Molecular formulaC33H66NO8P
CAS number20255-95-2
ManufacturerAVT (Shanghai) Pharmaceutical Tech Co., Ltd. / A.V.T.
Gradereagent grade
NMPA registration numberN/A
DMF numberN/A
EINECS numberN/A
Descriptioncrystalline solid
Purity≥98.0% (see the CoA for all test items)
Molecular weight635.85
Phase transition temperatureN/A

Advantages of DMPE

DMPE is a compound, commonly used as a surfactant and colloidal stabilizer. It can also be used to synthesize liposomes for encapsulating active substances.


Chemically, DMPE consists of two fatty acyl groups, one phosphoryl group, and one ethanolamine group. It has the following properties:

  1. Surface activity: DMPE is an anionic surfactant that forms micellar structures in water. It reduces liquid surface tension, making it easier for the liquid to diffuse and wet the solid surface.

  2. Colloidal stability: The DMPE molecule contains hydrophobic fatty acyl groups and hydrophilic phosphoryl and ethanolamine groups, giving it excellent colloidal stability in water and preventing the sedimentation and aggregation of suspended or colloidal particles.

  3. Hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity: The ethanolamine and phosphoryl groups in the DMPE molecule are strongly hydrophilic, while the fatty acyl groups are hydrophobic. This structure makes it have good emulsifying and dispersing ability in water and oil.

  4. High-temperature stability: DMPE has high-temperature stability, enabling it to maintain its surface activity and colloidal stability at higher temperatures. It can still serve as a surfactant or colloidal stabilizer under high-temperature conditions.

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