AVT (Shanghai) Pharmaceutical Tech Co., Ltd.



Dedicated to parenteral grade high-end excipients since 2007.


Integration of R&D, production and marketing.


Product quality conforms to USP, EP, JP.


Rich experience in product DMF registration in FDA.


Excipients customization from R&D to commercial.

Pharma Excipients Company CORPORATE CULTURE

Pharma Excipients Company CORPORATE CULTURE

Our mission: Supply of great pharma excipients with our hard work;

Improve the quality of medicines and protect people's health!

Our vision: World-class high quality excipients supplier!

Our commitment: The advantage of your product was guaranteed with our excipients quality!

Core value: Treat people sincerely and do things attentively!

Our working style: One step slow, every step will be slow; a lie made, every sentence will be a lie!