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DOP-DEDA is a charge-reversible phospholipid suitable for preparing lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) for delivering siRNA into cells. Traditional LNPs used for siRNA delivery may aggregate under physiological conditions due to lack of ionization or PEGylation. It has been reported that siRNA-loaded LNPs formulated with DOP-DEDA are always ionized, thus enabling their uptake by cancer cells.

Product Description

Product nameDOP-DEDA
Chemical name2-[(2-Aminoethyl) amino] ethyl (R)-2,3-Bis (oleoyloxy) propyl Hydrogen Phosphate
Molecular formulaC43H50N2O8P
CAS No.2247753-10-0
CDE Record registration Number
FDA DMF Number
Quality standards

Sufficient supply, cost-effective
Descriptionwhite powder
Product CodeO02004
Available Package Sizes

Key Benefits of DOP-DEDA

Compared to other ionizable cationic lipids, DOP-DEDA has a wider range of ionizability, does not cause hemolysis under physiological conditions, and exhibits lower toxicity;

Compared to traditional ionizable lipids, the synthesis process of DOP-DEDA is simpler and the cost is lower;

LNPs prepared with DOP-DEDA, DSPC, and CHO do not aggregate even in the absence of PEGylated lipids.

DOP-DEDA Product Properties

The headgroups of traditional ionizable liposomes contain tertiary amine groups which undergo ionization reactions under different pH conditions, resulting in different charges. The headgroup of DOP-DEDA, however, does not contain a tertiary amine group. Instead, it is composed of phosphate and amino groups. Under various pH conditions, DOP-DEDA undergoes reversible ionization reactions involving its phosphate and amino groups, leading to different charge states of the LNPs formulated with DOP-DEDA.

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