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Pharmaceutical Excipients in AVT

Pharmaceutical Excipients in AVT

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Pharma excipients manufacturer AVT has been cultivating the market of high- end complex injection in China for more than ten years, and has been cooperating with domestic R&D and production companies, universities as well as research institutes on various types of complex injection for many years. Our injectable excipients are widely used in marketed liposomes, fat emulsion formulations and biological formulations as well as in the research and development of these new drugs. As a reliable pharma excipients supplier, the quality and safety of our various types of  pharmaceutical excipients are trustworthy.

Types of Pharmaceutical Excipients


Biopharmaceutical Excipients

AVT strives to provide low-endotoxin excipients used in injections that meet urgent needs of biopharmaceutical development. The quality of different types of excipients in pharma conforms to USP, EP, JP standards, and has been registered in US FDA with DMF number.
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Liposome Excipients

As pharma excipients manufacturer, we provide multi-species, injectable and high-purity for lipo-some drug development; our production base meets GMP requirements for pharma excipients market and can receive audits from various countries; we have a complete range of liposome excipients to meet the needs of different customers for types of excipients used in pharmaceutical industry and can provide customized pharmaceutically acceptable excipient services.
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Fat Emulsion Excipients

We provide cost-effective lecithins and oleic acid excipients for the devel-opment and production of fat emulsion drugs; The production base meets GMP requirements for excipient manufacturing; product quality complies with USP, EP and JP stan-dards, all excipients are injectable excipients; We have suficient production capacity with annual output of types of excipients around 50 to 300 tons to meet your demands.
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Lipid nanoparticles(LNPs)

lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), are nanoparticles composed of lipids (including cationic lipid、phospholipid、PEG-lipid and helper lipid). They are the most clinically advanced non-viral gene delivery system for Intracellular Delivery of Nucleic Acid Therapeutics. LNPs as a drug delivery vehicle were first approved in 2018 for the siRNA drug Onpattro. Currently in the spotlight as vital components of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines (including both the Moderna and the Pfizer–BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines), LNPs play a key role in effectively protecting and transporting mRNA to cells.
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In pharma excipients market, excipients in pharmacy refer to any kind of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) to be provided for clinical use, and must be made into various pharmaceutical preparations without dosage forms. In addition to the preparation of pharmaceutical preparations, some excipients that help the preparation of different functions such as molding, stabilization, increase solubility, and sustained release must also be added. These various necessities used in the manufacture and preparation of pharmaceutical preparations are called pharmaceutical preparation excipients, referred to as pharmaceutical excipients. The above is a brief introduction of the pharmaceutical excipients definition. Pharmaceutical excipients are the material basis for the existence of pharmaceutical preparations, and there is no pharmaceutical preparation without pharmaceutical excipients.


Why Choose AVT Pharmaceutical Excipients?

Why Choose AVT Pharmaceutical Excipients?

15 years dedicated to types of high-level pharmaceutical excipients used in injections.

Organic Trehalose

Rich experience in FDA registration for pharma excipient market products.

Trehalose Price

Integration of R&D, production and marketing.

Trehalose For Sale

Ablility to provide customized pharma excipients products.

Trehalose Dihydrate Msds

Product quality conforms to USP, EP, JP.

Trehalose Dihydrate Sds
List Of Pharmaceutical Excipients And Their Uses
-Roles in a Formulation

List Of Pharmaceutical Excipients And Their Uses

Types of  pharmaceutical excipients and their uses:

  • Forming agent,like excipients used in pharmaceutical dosage forms

  • Excipients meaning in pharmaceuticals can smoothen the preparation process

  • Improve drug stability

  • Improve efficacy of drugs

  • Reduce drug toxicity and side effects

  • Adjust the effect of drugs

  • Improve patient compliance with medication

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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're always here to help with Pharmaceutical Excipients for your business. We can provide products ranging from grams to tons. AVT is able to produce and even register the product in US FDA according to your special needs.

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