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egg phosphatidylglycerol for injection epg

Egg phosphatidylglycerol (for injection) EPG

Egg phosphatidylglycerol (for injection) EPG, is the PG phospholipid used in alprostadil and is a high-quality auxiliary emulsifier. Phosphatidylglycerol (PG) is a phospholipid present in lung surfactants. Its basic structure is L-glycerol-3-phosphate, with saturated or unsaturated fatty acids linked to ester bonds at positions 1 and 2. Glycerol forms monoester with phosphoric acid. It is the precursor substance of surfactants, and its presence in neonatal amniotic fluid (>0.3) is a symptom of fetal lung maturity.

NMPA CDE registration no.: F20170000042

USFDA DMF no.: 008997


Product nameEgg phosphatidylglycerol (for injection) EPG
Chemical nameL-α-Phosphatidylglycerol,sodium salt
Molecular formulaC40H76NaO10P
CAS No.383907-64-0
CDE Record registration NumberF20170000042
FDA DMF Number008997
Gradeinjection Grade
Quality standardsSufficient supply, cost-effective
DescriptionWhite powder, odourless.
ApplicationsAlprostadil injection, liposomes
Product CodeN01004
Available Package Sizes1kg

Key Benefits of Egg phosphatidylglycerol (for injection) EPG

1. Stabilization and co-emulsification;

2. Improve the validity period of alprostadil liposome, verteporfin liposome and alprostadil injection.

Egg phosphatidylglycerol (for injection) EPG Product Properties

1. The unique structure, physical and chemical properties have played an critical role in the development of some key preparations. Among them, the most outstanding representative is the alprostadil injection launched by Fuji Pharmaceutical in January 2014 with shelf life of two-year .

2. In addition, EPG has also been applied in the development of some liposome drugs. Due to its characteristics of lower phase transition temperature, low rigidity, negative charge, etc., EPG's application is different from saturated PG phospholipids such as DPPG. EPG is usually used to develop poorly soluble drugs or liposomes with special requirements.

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