AVT (Shanghai) Pharmaceutical Tech Co., Ltd.


To help global pharmaceutical companies to develop high-quality drugs, AVT strives to improve the product quality of existing pharma excipients, and proactively develops niche pharma excipients, especially low-endotoxin and injectable grade pharma excipients used in biological drugs, liposomes, fat emulsions, etc.

Pharma Excipients Company Sustainability Policy Introduce

Pharmaceutical Excipients Sustainability

AVT, engaged in the market of high-end complex injections in China, has been cooperating with domestic R&D and production companies, scientific research institutes and universities for years. Our pharma excipients are widely used in marketed liposomes, fat emulsion formulations and biological formulations as well as in new product research and development. AVT has independent R&D team and small to medium-sized production lines, which can satisfy product demand ranging from grams to tons. Besides, AVT ltd is able to meet customized needs from pharmaceutical companies for a small amount of high-end injection grade excipients. The quality and safety of our products are trustworthy and can stand clinical and market test.

Pharmaceutical Excipients Sustainability
Pharma Excipients Sustainability Contribution

Pharma Excipients Sustainability Contribution

Providing High Quality Service

Dedicated to R&D, production and marketing of high-end excipients for 15 years.

Founded in 2007, AVT has been specialized in providing high quality excipients and services for high-end injections.

Pursued High Purity

Product quality conforms to USP, EP, JP. We have rich experience in US FDA registration.

AVT has always pursued to develop high purity, low endotoxin excipients which can be used in injections. Our products are manufactured in accordance with GMP guidelines and managed under strict in-house quality control standards. These products can meet requirements of mainstream pharmacopoeias including ChP, NF, EP, and JP.

Commercial-scale Production

Commercial-scale production, Sufficient production capacity and stable supply chain.

Commercial-scale production in accordance with GMP guidelines; Meet the requirements of mainstream pharmacopoeia and able to assist in drug registration;

Sufficient production capacity and stable supply chain.

Good Cooperation

We have established steady cooperation with domestic mainstream pharmaceutical companies and emerging biological companies.