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C12 H22 O11

CAS NO 57 50 1 Sucrose For Sale (For Injection)

It can improve the stability of lipid nanoparticles and mRNA vaccine to prevent excessive lipid viscosity. Liposome preparations using sucrose as a lyophilization protectant have good post-reconstitution stability and efficacy. For example, Vyxeos, a marketed compound liposome of Cytarabine and Daunorubicin uses sucrose as a lyoprotectant.

NMPA CDE registration no.: F20200000093(A)

USFDA DMF no.: 035209


Product NameSucrose (for injection)
Chemical Nameα-D-Glucopyranoside, β-D-fructofuranosyl-sucrose


NMPA CDE registration no.F20200000093
USFDA DMF No.035209
Quality gradeinjection
Quality standardsConforms with USP, EP, JP, ChP standards
Molecular FormulaC12H22O11
Applications and examplesLiposome active drug loading novel excipient (Irinotecan liposome)
Product codeO09001
Package sizes10kg
Storage conditionIt is valid for three years when used and stored properly.

CAS NO 57 50 1 Low Endotoxin Sucrose (For Injection) Key Benefits 

  • Sucrose low endotoxin has a FDA DMF Number of 35209 and a CDE Record registration Number of F20200000093.

  • Low endotoxin sucrose is produced in an aseptic GMP environment and has an endotoxin level of less than 0.5 IU/g. It is suitable for injection purposes. The inclusion of low endotoxin trehalose dihydrate excipient in the formulation enhances the stability of biological molecules and minimizes the risk of adverse reactions in patients. 

  • Can be used for antibodies, liposomes, vaccines and other biologics(e.g. mRNA-1273®, BNT162b2®, Enbrel®).

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