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sucrose for injection

Sucrose (for injection)

It can improve the stability of lipid nanoparticles and mRNA vaccine to prevent excessive lipid viscosity. Liposome preparations using sucrose as a lyophilization protectant have good post-reconstitution stability and efficacy. For example, Vyxeos, a marketed compound liposome of Cytarabine and Daunorubicin uses sucrose as a lyoprotectant.

NMPA CDE registration no.: F20200000093(A)

USFDA DMF no.: 035209


Product nameSucrose (for injection)
Chemical name
Molecular formula
CAS No.57-50-1
CDE Record registration NumberF20200000093(A)
FDA DMF Number035209
Gradeinjection Grade
Quality standardscomply with Chp, USP, EP or other pharmacopoeia requirements

Sufficient supply, cost-effective
ApplicationsLiposome active drug loading novel excipient (Irinotecan liposome)
Molecular weight
Product CodeO09001
Available Package Sizes10kg

Key Benefits of Sucrose (for injection)

High quality: It complies with the ChP, USP, EP and other mainstream pharmacopoeias; Key indicators such as color value, conductivity, bacterial endotoxins and microbial limits are much stricter than the pharmacopoeia requirements; Supporting the product registration abroad.

The product has been certified by a third-party authority, SGS. Stable cooperation with major pharmaceutical companies in China has been achieved;

Adequate production capacity: annual supply of 300 tons +, with the ability of expansion to 1,000 tons +/year;

Ready supply: Sufficient stock, rapid supply;

Controllable cost: significantly reduces procurement costs and improves product competitive advantage.

Sucrose (for injection) Product Properties

Sucrose is effective in reducing membrane fusion, protecting liposome particles from rupture and drug leakage during freeze-drying process, and regulating osmotic pressure. Compared with mannitol, glucose, etc., it has a higher glass transition temperature and better viscosity protection. The general dosage is 5%–10%. In addition, sucrose also plays the role of vehicle in lyophilized preparations. Studies have shown that adding sucrose has an impact on the shape, porosity and collapse of the lyophilized preparations.

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