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Specifications of DOTAP

Product nameDOTAP
Chemical name1,2-Dioleoyl-3-trimethylammonium-propane, Chloride
CAS No.132172-61-3
EINECS registration Number/
CDE Record registration Number/
FDA DMF Number/
Quality standardsmanufacturer's standard
Molecular formulaC42H80ClNO4
Content determination≧93%(CAD)
Molecular weight698.5
Product CodeO02002
Available Package Sizes1g; 10g; 50g

Key Benefits of DOTAP

  • High purity; CDE/DMF registration soon;

  • Liposomal Transfection Reagent; cationic liposomes.

Advantages and Applications of DOTAP

High purity; CDE/DMF registration soon; in stock; The most widely used cationic lipids for gene transfection; Lipoplex; The pure material of DOTAP is highly effective for the liposomal transfection of various negatively charged molecules, including DNA and RNA, thanks largely to its appropriate Dotap molecular weight.

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