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Phospholipids (For Fat Emulsion)

Phospholipids (For Fat Emulsion)

AVT supplies various excipients used in emulsion. Instead of a single substance, phospholipids is a general term for broad classes of glycerophosphates. Natural phospholipids are excellent emulsifiers. In the global marketed lipid emulsions, such as alprostadil, flurbiprofen axetil, propofol, clevidipine butyrate, etomidate, fish oil, soybean oil and other fatty emulsions, egg yolk lecithin is used as emulsifier excipients used in emulsion.

Types of Phospholipids (For Fat Emulsion) Excipients In Tablets

Egg yolk lecithin  PL-100M

Egg yolk lecithin PL-100M

Among various excipients used in tablets, egg yolk lecithin is the only emulsifier with better safety profile. If you want to know more excipients used in sustained release tablets/cream formulation/capsule formulation, or detailed list of excipients used in tablet formulation pdf/ppt, you can contact AVT.
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Egg yolk lecithin PC-98T

Egg yolk lecithin PC-98T

Lecithin is a mixture of various phospholipids with phosphatidylcholine (PC) as the main component. It is defined by USP NF as a mixture of phospholipids insoluble in acetone and is now used as a phar...
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Soy Lecithin CS-80

Soy Lecithin CS-80

Plant origin emulsifier soy lecithin is extracted from soybeans. It is a natural surfactant and can improve the water dispersion and oral bioavailability of drugs when used as a pharmaceutical excipie...
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Phospholipids (For Fat Emulsion) Excipients For Tablet Formulation Effects


The organic egg yolk lecithin is the only emulsifier with better safety profile. Its emulsification efficacy is a critical factor to the quality of lipid emulsions.


Emulsification ability is an important basis for selecting egg yolk lecithin as excipients for parenteral formulations in the development of lipid emulsions.

How do Phospholipids (For Fat Emulsion) Work?

How do Phospholipids (For Fat Emulsion) Work?
  • Natural phospholipids are widely used in lipid emulsion. There are two main types of lipid emulsions on the market: one ype is nutritional emulsions, and the other is drug-containing emulsions.

  • Nutritional emulsion is mainly to supply energy and provide essential fatty acids for the human body.

  • Drug-containing emulsion mainly refers to the poorly insoluble drugs, mainly those with an oil-core drugs, encapsulated in oil and zinc.

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