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dc chol


Specifications of DC-CHOL

Product nameDC-CHOL
Chemical nameDC-Cholesterol
CAS No.166023-21-8
Quality standardsmanufacturer's standard
Molecular formulaC32H57ClN2O2
Content determination≧98%
Molecular weight537.3
Product CodeO02003
Available Package Sizes1g

Key Benefits of DC-CHOLESTEROL

  • DC Cholesterol has high purity;

  • Cationic lipids: nanocarrier for nucleic acids and drug therapies

Advantages and Applications of DC-CHOLESTEROL

High purity;in stock; DC-Cholesterol is an effective transfection agent and a liposome reagent. Liposome of DC-Cholesterol with dioleoylphosphatidylethanolamine (DOPE) are efficient for DNA transfection. DC-cholesterol is a cationic lipid, known to be the most efficient in gene transfection study.

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