AVT (Shanghai) Pharmaceutical Tech Co., Ltd.

CPHI China 2024

The 22nd World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials China Exhibition (CPHI China 2024) was successfully concluded in Shanghai on June 21. As an annual event in the pharmaceutical industry, CPHI is not only an international stage for enterprises to display brand image and promote new technologies and products, but also a bridge for medical colleagues at home and abroad to exchange and cooperate.


This year, Avito once again shone in the special Exhibition area (E3F70), with its professional team, excellent service, cute mascot Alfa and delicious coffee, attracting more than 1,000 guests from all over the world to stop and exchange, and consult constantly. Avito's booth became a highlight of the CPHI exhibition site.

In the current pharmaceutical field, how to select high-quality pharmaceutical excipients, accelerate drug research and development, enhance the advantages of preparations, and quickly market under scientific verification has become the focus of pharmaceutical companies. With precise market positioning and focusing on the field of excipients for injection, Avital has launched six product lines, covering a complete set of excipients for nucleic acid delivery, excipients for biologics, synthetic phospholipids for liposomes, natural phospholipids for fat milk, high molecular materials such as hyaluronic acid for medical and beauty, and new vaccine adjuvants. These products have been widely used in 3800+ end customers, 1000+ pharmaceutical factory customers, 1700+ scientific research institutions and 16+ university procurement platforms.


At the exhibition site, with rich professional knowledge and enthusiastic service attitude, the Avito team introduced our products to the visitors in detail. Many professional visitors have shown a strong interest in our products, have stopped to consult and launched in-depth exchanges with us.