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AVT Successfully Held the Quality Control Forum for Injectable Medical Aesthetic Products


Haikou City, Hainan Province


On 30 July 2023, with the support of the People's Government of Hainan Province, the first China Capital of Medical Aesthetic Industry Summit Forum & Expo (CMAIE) was successfully concluded at the Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center. This event was jointly hosted by the Chinese Association of Plastic and Aesthetics (CAPA) and the Hainan Provincial Health Commission, and organized by the Business Department of CAPA and Hainan Medical Plastic and Cosmetic Industry Association. Bringing together professionals in the industry, the conference focused on hot topics that the industry is concerned about, aiming to identify industry trends and lead the industry to a brilliant future.


This was the second collaboration between the CAPA and local governments, following the "Capital of Aesthetics" Summit Forum in Chengdu. This event witnessed the awarding ceremony for "China Capital of Medical Aesthetic Industry", and the corresponding guests interpreted the free trade port’s policy advantages for the medical aesthetics industry, and discussed eight major trends in the future development of medical aesthetics, and hot spots in the industry. In addition to the industry and academic content, the event also held the first plenary session of the third general council of CAPA, as well as elections for seven branches, including the Private Institutions Branch, Chinese Medical Permanent Makeup Branch, Regenerative Branch, Medical Aesthetics Design and Consultation Branch, and Medical Aesthetics and Art Branch.


AVT sponsored and organized the "Quality Control Forum for Injectable Medical Aesthetic Products", which focuses on the topic of injection quality in medical aesthetics. The forum provided in-depth insights into the demand for injectable medical aesthetic products from both the clinical needs of customers and the upstream supply chain, including the current status of production process capabilities for injection medical aesthetic materials, preparation processes, product characteristics, quality control standardization, production supervision, and regulatory progress. During the forum, discussions were also held on injectable medical aesthetics products that are very popular in the market, such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, botulinum toxin, regenerative preparations, etc.



This forum invited several leaders from the Shandong Institute of Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Packaging Inspection and the Zhejiang Institute for Food and Drug Control to share their insights on the industry regulations and standards.


Liu Chenghu

Vice Chairman of Shandong Institute of Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Packaging Inspection



Sun Xiaoxia

Senior Engineer at Shandong Institute of Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Packaging Inspection



Liu Aijuan

Senior Engineer at Shandong Institute of Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Packaging Inspection



Wang Dandan

Deputy Director of Zhejiang Institute of Food and Drug Control


Hao Lijun, Vice Chairman of the Medical Aesthetics Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, Liu Hongmei, Vice Chairman of the Medical and Aesthetic Thread Technology Branch of CAPA, Li Mo, Senior Medical Manager from SihuanPharm and other clinical experts analyzed the clinical demands in the industry. Esteemed professionals like Professor Gu Qisheng, Associate Professor Meng Yuan, and Toshikazu Fujikawa, Director Researcher from Kewpie Corporation in Japan, provided insights into product applications and quality research. Industry-leading experts from prominent companies also shared their experiences on product quality control, including Chief Expert Zheng Qiping, Senior Solution Design Manager Xiao Yu, and Pharmaceutical Process Engineer Huang Min from Truking Technology, Laboratory Director Sun Dongdi from WuXi AppTec, and Technology Director of Applied Protein Technology, Sun Xiaobin.



Hao Lijun

Vice Chairman of the Adipose Medicine Branch of CAPA



Liu Hongmei

Vice Chairman of the Medical and Aesthetic Thread Technology Branch of CAPA



Li Mo

 Li Mo, Senior Medical Manager at Meiyan Space, SihuanPharm



Gu Qisheng

Director of Shanghai Qisheng Institute of Biomaterial & Technology


Meng Yuan

Ph.D. in Biomaterials from Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong


Toshikazu Fujikawa

Director Researcher of Hyaluronic Acid from Kewpie Corporation



Zheng Qiping

Chief Expert at Truking Technology Limited


Xiao Yu

Senior Solution Design Manager of Bioengineering BU, Truking Technology



Huang Min

Pharmaceutical Process Engineer at Lyophilization Process Research Laboratory of Truking Technology Limited



Sun Dongdi

Director of the Chemistry Laboratory at WuXi AppTec China Medical Device Testing Center


Sun Xiaobin

Technology Director of the Biopharmaceutical Division at Applied Protein Technology


During the interactive Q&A session, the participants and the audience engaged in discussions from various perspectives, including regulations, analysis, and quality control, creating a rich academic atmosphere.



The successful convening of the forum has marked the beginning of a new era that focuses on high-quality injectable medical aesthetics products. It has established a brand-new exchange platform covering the entire industry chain for medical aesthetics injection. This emphasis on quality control will serve as a new driving force for the high-level development of medical aesthetics injection, contributing to the industry's brighter future and continuous progress!