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Sucrose Octasulfate Salt (For Liposomes)

Sucrose Octasulfate Salt (For Liposomes)

Sucrose octasulfate salt contains sucrose octasulfate ammonium salt, sucrose octasulfate sodium salt (sodium sucrose octasulfate), sucrose octasulfate triethylammonium salt(triethylammonium sucrose octasulfate salt) and sucrose octasulfate potassium salt. Sucrose octasulfate potassium salt and triethylammonium sucrose octasulfate salt are widely used as a novel excipient.    

Our sucrose octasulfate salt products, including sucrose octasulfate ammonium salt, which reach pharmaceutical injectable grade are produced in a GMP-certified plant. As one type of protective agents and buffers salts, sucrose octasulfate ammonium salt can be used in research and pharmaceutical industries as an anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory agent.

High purity, low endotoxin.

Potassium sucrose heptasulfate <0.1%.

• CDE registration number: F20210000349.

   US DMF under prepration.

• Better novel excipient for active drug loading in liposomes.

Avoid hydrolysis and inactivation of irinotecan lactone ring, improve drug stability and prolong half-life.

Types of Sucrose Octasulfate Salt (For Liposomes)

Sucrose Octasulfate Potassium Salt Cas No.: 73264 44 5

Sucrose Octasulfate Potassium Salt Cas No.: 73264 44 5

Sucrose octasulfate potassium salt is widely used as a novel excipient. Pharmaceutical injectable grade, produced in GMP certified plant.
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The Effects of Sucrose Octasulfate Salt (For Liposomes)


As a novel gradient drug-loading excipient in liposomes, sucrose octasulfate triethylammonium salt can stabilize drugs and improve drug encapsulation efficiency.  Moreover, triethylammonium sucrose octasulfate helps to overcome issues related to the solubility of hydrophobic drugs by modifying the surface charge of liposomes, resulting in better drug distribution.


In fields of skin care, etc., triethylammonium sucrose octasulfate can improve skin water balance, inhibit microbial adhesion, stabilize growth factors, protect mucosal epithelium, reduce wound healing time, and have no local or systemic toxicity. Sucrose octasulfate triethylammonium salt is mainly used to treat skin infection and injury.


In the field of dentistry, potassium sucrose octasulfate can be used in topical preparations to prevent and treat diseases of teeth or tooth supporting tissues.

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