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dsg peg2000


DSG-PEG2000 can be used for preparing liposomes for siRNA delivery. In mouse tumor experiments, it was found that when DSG-PEG2000 is used as a component in LNPs for siRNA delivery, it effectively prevents siRNA leakage, enhances the stability and integrity of LNPs in the bloodstream, reduces siRNA accumulation in the liver, and simultaneously increases siRNA accumulation in the spleen and tumor area.

Product Description

Product name1,2-Distearoyl-rac-glycerol-3-methoxypolyethylene glycol 2000(DSG-PEG2000)
Chemical name
Molecular formulaC40H78NO5(C2H4O)n,n≈45
CAS No.308805-39-2
CDE Record registration NumberF20210000451
FDA DMF Number
Quality standards

Sufficient supply, cost-effective
DescriptionAlmost white mass powder
ApplicationsLipid nanoparticles
Product CodeG01001
Available Package Sizes

Key Benefits of DSG-PEG2000

PEG lipids can reduce the aggregation of LNPs, thereby enhancing their stability. Optimization of PEG can reduce the clearance of LNPs mediated by the kidney and mononuclear phagocyte system, thus prolonging their circulation time in the bloodstream. Additionally, PEG lipids can be utilized to conjugate specific ligands onto LNPs for targeted delivery.

DSG-PEG2000 Product Properties

DSG-PEG2000 is an off-white solid powder, freely soluble in methanol, chloroform, and partially soluble in water.

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