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The injection-grade DOPC supplied by A.V.T. features high stability and purity, making it suitable for use as a membrane material in liposomes. Due to its lower phase transition temperature and susceptibility to oxidation owing to its double bond structure, its application is not as widespread as that of DSPC, HSPC, and others. However, it serves as a crucial excipient in many commercially available liposomal products, such as liposomal cytarabine, liposomal morphine sulfate, Epaxal, Inflexal V, and Shingrix.

Product Description

Product name1.1,2-Dioleoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine(for injection) DOPC
Chemical name
Molecular formulaC44H84NO8P
CAS No.4235-95-4
CDE Record registration NumberF20190000371
FDA DMF Number
Quality standardsConforms with USP, JP, ChP standards

Sufficient supply, cost-effective
Descriptionwhite to yellowish, odorless viscous solid
ApplicationsCytarabine, Morphine Sulfate Liposome, liposome vaccine
Product CodeS01007
Available Package Sizes

Key Benefits of DOPC

Its lower phase transition temperature makes it suitable for liposome preparation;

Its unsaturated fatty acid tail structure renders the liposome membrane more prone to disruption, aiding in the release of payloads and thereby enhancing mRNA delivery effectiveness.

DOPC Product Properties

DOPC (18:1 PC) tends to be viscous, prone to lump formation, and susceptible to moisture absorption. Therefore, special attention should be paid for storage, preferably at -20°C, with proper sealing and protection from light to prevent any adverse effects on its quality and shelf life. Additionally, as phospholipids are prone to hydrolysis in strong acidic or alkaline environments, it is important to avoid DOPC contact with strong acid or alkali media.

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